IMG_4374Charlie Bethel
Charlie Bethel grew up in a brand of Christianity which taught that salvation is a result of one’s conduct. He met the Lord in St. Louis at Wayne and Carolyn Carson’s Tuesday night Bible study and left for Canada the next day. When he discovered that he could be certain of his going to heaven because of the finished work of Jesus, he was elated! He could have “heaven” in the Canadian wilderness and assurance of eternal life, too!

After long, cold days and nights in the “North Woods” soaking up God’s word, Charlie realized that God had something for him to do that would require him to interact with people. He came back to St. Louis, becoming one of Clayton Community Church’s first Sunday school teachers. When inner city kids began to populate the Thursday night Kibbutz meeting, Charlie helped bring order to the chaos and became the leader of that ministry. He was ordained as a deacon, then a pastor, and has done the inner city ministry faithfully for over 33 years. He is a carpenter–like Jesus–and speaks in parables (he likes riddles). Charlie has a wife, Dorothy, two sons, Ben and Nate and one Grandson, Jimmy.


IMG_4291Jake Rosen
Jake Rosen was born in France, but has lived in and around St. Louis since infancy. His family were refugees after WWII. Both of his parents were Holocaust survivors. He became a Bar Mitzvah in a small synagogue in University City. Soon after attending Art Students League of New York, he came back to St. Louis and made the decision to believe in Jesus as his Messiah.

He and his wife, Jeanne, have been devoted to sharing the message of Yeshua and building the Messianic community in and around St. Louis. They both earned Masters degrees in Inter Cultural Studies with a concentration in Judaica from Fuller Theological Seminary, CA. Jake also holds a BFA in Painting from Washington University School of Art and had two showings of his painting series “The Vision of Isaiah” at Missouri Baptist University, in St. Louis, and at Chosen People Ministries, in New York City in 2013-2014.

Jake is presently one of the pastors of Clayton Community Church (since 1991) and is guiding the rebirth of Beit Chesed Messianic Congregation (since 2010).