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Pastor Jake Rosen


Jake Rosen was born in Marseilles France in the wake of WWII.  His parents were refugees and Holocaust survivors who made their way to America and settled in St. Louis where Jake grew up a became a Bar Mitzvah in a small synagogue in University City, MO. Soon after attending Art Students League of New York, he came returned to St. Louis and made the decision to believe in Jesus as his Messiah.

Jake holds a BFA in Painting from Washington University, School of Art, and continues to be active in the arts (recently presenting his painting series “The Vision of Isaiah” at Missouri Baptist University, in St. Louis, which was also formerly shown at Chosen People Ministries, in New York City in 2013-2014). He and his wife, Jeanne, have been devoted to sharing the message of Yeshua and building the Messianic community in and around St. Louis. They both earned Master's degrees in Inter Cultural Studies with a concentration in Judaica from Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA). Jake and Jeanne have two grown children--Josiah and Aliza.

Jake was ordained to the gospel ministry and joined the pastoral team of Clayton Community Church in 1991.