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When Crisis Hits: The LORD is on His Throne

Psalm 29 & Selected Scripture

Joshua Clutterham, March 22, 2020


PRESENT STUDY [on hold]:

An expository study of the Gospel of Mark, that we might recognize Jesus as the Christ/Messiah and the Son of God, and respond in reverential worship!

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God has spoken to us in the ancient words of Scripture, and that those words sufficiently proclaim an everlastingly relevant gospel and instruction for everyday living. As such, we dedicate the majority of our Sunday morning meeting to honoring God by submitting our ears and hearts to the reading, admonition, instruction, and equipping-for-the-work-of-ministry direction from the Scripture. Our pastor-elders lead us in this form of worshipping God by delivering an expository message from Scripture--making clear the message of Scripture according to the intended meaning of its original authors and bearing out its implications and applications particularly to individual lives and the corporate life of our church community. You can find a host of recorded messages from our services by searching by Scripture passage, by topic, by speaker, or by series below.