Clayton Community Church
Clayton Community Church

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Our staff is compromised of pastors and volunteers who desire to glorify God in everything they do. We want our church office to provide an environment that encourages people to use technology to further the spread of God’s kingdom. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions or if there is a way they can serve you. If you’d like to volunteer, call the church office at (314) 961-2232 or send an e-mail


We have a plurality of elders/pastors who meet regularly. Each has his area of focus. Our elders have the responsibility of shepherding and leading in the spiritual development and accurate teaching of the Word of God. The elder board is made up of staff pastors and non-staff pastors who take this responsibility seriously and do so with joy.


Pastor Jake Rosen

Jake was born in France, but has lived in and around St. Louis since more . . . 


Pastor Joshua Clutterham

Joshua came to know Jesus as a teenager in Southern California where he more . . . 


Pastor Emeritus Charlie Bethel

Charlie is now retired, but when he was young, he grew up in believing that salvation is a result of one’s conduct more . . . 

Deacons & Deaconesses

Our deacons are those who model spiritual service and work alongside of the elders to assist their leadership and teaching in the practical life of the church. Our deacons are all non-staff members that sacrifice much of their time and resources to meet the needs of the church.

Jack Scharr

Paul Terbrock

Tanya Terbrock