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Pastor Joshua Clutterham


Joshua Clutterham was raised by Christian parents in Southern California, and came to know Jesus as Savior and Lord as a teenager when he was confronted by his depth of sin, need for a great savior, and first trusted in Christ for the forgiveness of sins and hope of eternal life with Him.

As a young Christian he attended The Master’s University (Santa Clarita, CA) where he studied Biblical Languages (B.A.) and Biblical Counseling (M.A.). While at Master’s (through a semester-abroad program called IBEX) and later as a student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Joshua developed a heart for the Jewish people and the land of Israel–a factor that helped lead Joshua to his wife Meredith. He continued his theological training (MDiv, ThM) at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY) before coming to St. Louis to teach at Brookes Bible College, where he also currently serves as Professor of Bible and Practical Theology and Academic Dean. Joshua and Meredith are blessed with five young sons.

Joshua was ordained to the gospel ministry and joined the pastoral team of Clayton Community Church in February 2019.